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Apr 13 2022

Whither Bitcoin?

The world stands on the precipice of a monetary restructuring, with bitcoin seemingly the most likely to be adopted — albeit slowly.IntroductionThe world is reorganizing. People are attempting to comprehend the implications of recent events across a variety of dimensions: politically, geopolitically, economically, financially and socially. A feeling of uncertainty has eclipsed global affairs and...

Feb 08 2022

Bitcoin: The Inevitable Path Toward Global Adoption Of The Next World Reserve Currency

A changing of the guard is standard for fiat currencies — but bitcoin is set to supplant them all. Image Source:...

Dec 08 2021

CEOs Testify on Bitcoin Before U.S. Lawmakers

Executives said Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are fundamentally different from the traditional system and need new rules.Chief executives of large cryptocurrency firms appeared before Congress Wednesday to testify and answer questions about their products and services and the Bitcoin market in general as lawmakers struggle to bring the market within public policy and regulatory frameworks.“Several questions...

Nov 19 2021

Discussing How The Dollar Became The Hyperpower Currency

Alex Gladstein provides a historical recount of how the United States rug pulled the entire world and asserted the dollar as the dominant global currency.Watch This Episode on YouTubeWatch/Listen To This...

Oct 25 2021

Bitcoin Could Become World Reserve Currency, Says Senator Rand Paul

Bitcoin could rise to that spot as people keep losing faith and confidence in governments and their policies, Paul said.As people lose confidence in the government institutions, bitcoin could benefit and rise to become the world's reserve currency, Senator Rand Paul said."I've started to question now whether or not cryptocurrency could actually become the reserve currency of the world as more...

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