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Oct 21 2021

How to Buy AVAX with XMR on LetsExchange

Oct 21 2021 Published at UseTheBitcoin under tags  avax crypto news xmr

Exchange transactions with cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming commonplace. The main reasons to change AVAX to XMR or other coins: Cryptocurrency is needed to execute transactions in the corresponding […]

Aug 30 2021

Russian Law Enforcement Imprisons A Man For 3 Years For Stealing Cryptocurrency Mining Equipment

According to a recent report, a 34 old Russian man stole a cryptocurrency mining rig but didn’t know. As a result, the Zavolzhsky district authorities in Russian convicted the man for the theft of his friend’s crypto mining equipment valued at 1.6 M rubles ($22,000). A Brief About the Cryptocurrency Mining Theft As stated by the Yaroslavl Region Prosecutor’s Office...

Aug 21 2021

Atomic Swaps Between Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) Go Live

Atomic swaps between Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) have been tested. According to the Monero user “sethforprivacy,” he was able to complete his first mainnet atomic swap with […]

Jun 18 2021

XMR Price Prediction

Jun 18 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  monera technical analysis xmr

Monero is a currency and can be exchanged for goods and services, privately and with very low fees. Monero is cash for a connected world. It’s fast, private, and secure. With Monero, you are your own bank. You can spend safely, knowing that others cannot see your balances or track your activity. This privacy feature has been one of the main reasons why...

Apr 24 2021

XMR Price Prediction

Apr 24 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  monero (xmr) technical analysis xmr

Monero is a private digital currency. Monero is cash for a connected world. It’s fast, private, and secure. With Monero, you are your own bank. You can spend safely, knowing that others cannot see your balances or track your activity. The majority of existing cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, have transparent blockchains. Transactions can be verified and/or traced by anyone in the world....

Feb 08 2021

How and Where to Buy Monero Coin?

You are in the right place if you know to know the answer to “Where to Buy Monero?” Monero is one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world. […]

Feb 05 2021

Monero (XMR) Mining Pools

Being one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, Monero stays a great investment with a high ROI. But it’s not the only great thing about XMR. Did you know you can mine it with your PC? If not, it’s time to start gaining passive income right now. Our list of Top-5 Monero (XMR) mining pools will help you find the most...

Jan 24 2021

XMR Secrets – How Anonymous is Monero?

Monero is a cryptocurrency that allows a high degree of anonymity. First, you have to understand what anonymity means on the blockchain....

Jan 02 2021

Altcoin Market Update: ZIL, XMR, RSR

BTC has broken all records and has surged over $32,000. This is a historic moment for all crypto traders. But what will happen now? Will we see a correction in the BTC and altcoin market? Bitcoin dominance has been steady and is not decreasing. As long as BTC dominance is high and BTC corrects from $32,000, we are likely to see a drop...

Dec 15 2020

This “Secret” Coin is going up despite the current Consolidation – Jump on board NOW?

It is no secret that currently in the cryptocurrency market, there is a price consolidation occurring after those big price-actions that we witnessed some time ago now. Nothing out of the ordinary though, it's mainly profit-takers closing their positions and banking their profits. One coin, in particular, was seen still shooting in prices, and it's none other than...

Nov 24 2020

Will These Privacy Coins Make Impressive Gains After The Major Alts?

Nov 24 2020 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  btc technical analysis xmr xzc zec

Bitcoin has been in an uptrend since a few weeks. As soon as BTC took a break from its upwards momentum, we saw the major altcoins make massive gains. XRP gained more than 200%. XLM doubled in price. BCH, ETH, NEO, LTC were also the top gainers this week. Historically, it has been observed that privacy coins start making larger gains after the...

Nov 11 2020

Monero (XMR) Was Attacked – Here Is All You Need to Know

Monero (XMR), has been targeted by an attack. Some users could have seen their privacy compromised. The good news is that the attack was not able to link […]

BNB, ADA, DOT, XMR, ETH Price Predictions

Nov 11 2020 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  ada bnb dot eth price prediction

The U.S. elections are over, and markets have been fairly stable. A potential cure for COVID-19 has been announced, thanks to Pfizer and BioNTech! BTC dominance has started dropping. All of the above is great news for altcoins. Let us review some of the altcoins and plot their price action charts to understand the targets for longs and shorts. Today, we focus on...

Oct 11 2020

Monero Price Rises While IRS Tries to Break Anonymity

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which is the U.S. tax authority, has been drawn towards the most renowned private cryptocurrency, Monero. Reportedly one of the best choices for privacy-focused cryptocurrency, Monero has attracted the attention of the tax agency. As a result, the IRS has employed analysts to unmask Monero's activities. However, it does appear that Monero price is...

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