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Dec 13 2022

XRP Lawsuit News: Where Is $1.38 Billion Lawsuit Between Ripple And SEC Headed?

Dec 13 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  news united states xrp xrp lawsuit xrp news

XRP Lawsuit News: XRP was created by Ripple founders in June 2012. In December 2020, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) took legal action against Rippl, Christian Larsen and Bradley...

Nov 29 2022

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Set To Delist $XRP From Its Platform

Coinbase it set to delist XRP, ETX, XLM and BCH on 5 December 2022. Low usage has been cited as the reason for this move.

Oct 21 2022

I’ve Always Felt Good About Our Legal Arguments, And I Even Feel Better Now: Stuart Alderoty On Securing Hinman Docs in Ripple Vs SEC Case

Oct 21 2022 Published at Ethereum World News under tags  law and legislation xrp news

Ripple's Stuart Alderoty has finally secured the much-awaited Hinman Documents. The Hinman documents can play a crucial role in changing the course of the Ripple vs. SEC case. The Ripple vs SEC saga seems to be gaining momentum again, as Ripple's general counsel, Stuart Alderoty, has finally got his hands on the highly anticipated Hinman documents. "The Shamefulness Of The SEC Will Shock...

Oct 18 2022

Ripple Onboards The Next Generation Of NFT Creators To Leverage Its XRP Ledger

Oct 18 2022 Published at Ethereum World News under tags  blockchain news xrp news

Ripple has announced a second wave of creators that have joined its newly launched Ripple Creators Fund. The fund was initially launched to deliver financial and technical assistance to budding NFT creator platforms. Blockchain giant Ripple is onboarding its second wave of creators to join its recently launched Ripple Creator Fund. According to the official press release statement, Ripple's creator fund is set...

Oct 17 2022

Ripple ($XRP) Achieves Huge Milestone With Deployment of Ethereum-based Smart Contracts for XRPL Sidechain

Ripple has started testing an EVM compatible sidechain that can bring Ethereum based smart contracts to the XRP Ledger.

Oct 14 2022

XRP Has Potential To Soar Past $3 By 2025 If Ripple Labs Wins The Case Against The SEC: Finder’s Experts

Oct 14 2022 Published at Ethereum World News under tags  law and legislation xrp news

55 seasoned crypto analysts and experts believe that XRP could soon break past $3.81 per unit by the end of 2025. 27% of Finder.com's panellists stated that it’s time to buy XRP, while 38% are in favour of holding XRP and 36% said thats it’s time to sell. XRP price predictions are raging in the current crypto market considering the rapid developments happening...

Sep 17 2022

XRP Jumps 9% As Investors Expect Favorable Conclusion To The Ongoing Sec Vs Ripple Case

Sep 17 2022 Published at Ethereum World News under tags  business and finance xrp news

XRP is up 11% in the last 24 hours Investors are now expecting positive regulatory news that may finally conclude the ongoing SEC vs Ripple case. XRP has soared 9%, drawing significant investor interest in the last 24 hours. The surging price action has been triggered by recent updates shared in the ongoing SEC vs Ripple case. XRP Is Up 9% In The...

Jul 27 2022

Ripple’s Chief Lawyer: The SEC is Bullying the Crypto Markets by Filing Unproven Allegations

Jul 27 2022 Published at Ethereum World News under tags  law and legislation xrp news

Summary: Ripple's General Counsel, Stuart Alderoty, has stated the Securities and Exchange Commission is bullying the crypto markets by filing unproven allegations masquerading as regulation. According to Mr. Alderoty, there is an urgent need for sensible crypto legislation from Washington, DC. Ripple's Chief lawyer, Stuart Alderoty, has pointed out that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is bullying the crypto markets through its...

Jul 19 2022

Ripple’s General Counsel: No Country, Including the US, Has Determined XRP to be a Security

Jul 19 2022 Published at Ethereum World News under tags  ripple sec xrp xrp news

Summary: Ripple's General Counsel, Stuart Alderoty, has pointed out that no country, including the United States, has determined that XRP is a security. Mr. Alderoty was responding to comments by US Representative Brad Sherman urging the SEC to go after crypto exchanges that had traded in XRP. Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, seconded Mr. Alderoty stating that US Representative Sherman 'is trying to advance...

Jun 16 2022

Brad Garlinghouse: Ripple is Hiring for Hundreds of Roles, But we Have a ‘No A**holes’ Policy

Summary: Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, has announced that the company is currently hiring despite the ongoing crypto winter. Mr. Garlinghouse also cautioned that Ripple has a 'No A**holes' policy. Ripple will be conducting a recruitment event in Toronto, Canada, on June 23rd. Brad Garlinhouse, the CEO of the remittance-focused company of Ripple, has announced that the company is looking to hire new staff...

Jun 14 2022

Ripple CEO Says They’ve Been Preparing for Crypto Winter With a Significant Cash Balance and Will Keep Hiring

Key takeaways: Brad Garlinghouse has stated that Ripple has been preparing for crypto winter with a significant cash balance; thus, the company can keep hiring. As someone who has weathered a few downturns over the years, Mr. Garlinghouse believes the crypto bear market 'too shall pass.' He also requests regulator clarity regarding whether XRP is a security or not. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse...

Jun 12 2022

XRP Could be Worth About $400 by 2026 – Crypto Analyst

Key takeaways: Crypto analyst MagicPoopCannon has forecasted a $400 value of XRP by 2026. Short term, he anticipates XRP to fall to the $0.13 to $0.09 range. An analysis by the team at Finder.com sees XRP at a value of $4.98 by 2030. Popular Bitcoin and crypto analyst, MagicPoopCannon, has provided a $400 forecast of XRP by 2026. However, in the short term,...

Jun 07 2022

Ripple Powers Crypto Payments For Luxury Retail Store Through Lunu Partnership

Summary: The blockchain firm behind XRP expands its presence in Europe with the latest announcement. Lunu will leverage Ripple's Liquidity hub to deliver quicker crypto exchange and transactions. The collaboration hopes to bolster payment options across luxury retail stores in the UK, Germany, and Europe. It also marks another milestone for Ripple's growth as a blockchain powerhouse. The company already has a presence...

May 31 2022

Ripple Partner SBI Holdings to Develop A ‘Smart Yen’ With Recent Investment in NY Based Startup of Digital Asset

Summary: SBI Holdings has invested an undisclosed amount in the New York-based startup of Digital Asset. The two companies will establish a joint venture in Japan under equal ownership, operating within the country and the East Asian Markets. SBI Holdings and Digital Asset will collaborate to drive a concept of programmable money into the Japanese market through a 'Smart Yen' program. Ripple's long-term...

May 25 2022

A Ripple IPO Could be a Possibility After the SEC Lawsuit, Says Brad Garlinghouse

Quick take: Brad Garlinghouse has stated that Ripple could consider the possibility of an IPO after the SEC lawsuit. Rumors of a Ripple IPO have been circulating in the crypto-verse from as far back as 2020. XRP continues to be a top ten digital asset according to market capitalization, and a conclusion of the SEC lawsuit could rekindle interest in the digital asset....

The SEC Files Motion For An Extension Of Time In The $XRP (Ripple) Case Until June 7

May 25 2022 Published at Ethereum World News under tags  xrp news

The SEC has filed a motion asking for an extension till June 7 This is the first time when SEC has filed a motion concerning a deadline extension The US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a motion for extension in the ongoing Ripple vs SEC case. The news of the extension being filed by the SEC has impacted the prices of Ripple's...

May 19 2022

Ripple Commits $100m to Modernize Carbon Markets and Accelerate Carbon Removal to Help Address Climate Change

Key takeaways: Ripple has announced that it is committing $100 million to invest in carbon markets. The funds will be directed towards modernizing and scaling carbon markets as well as accelerating the process of carbon removal from the atmosphere. Blockchain and crypto can create scalable, transparent, traceable, and verifiable carbon markets. The team at Ripple has announced through Twitter that the company intends...

Mar 24 2022

SEC-Ripple Case May Reportedly End This Year

Mar 24 2022 Published at Ethereum World News under tags  xrp news

The SEC Ripple case may reportedly end this year as per sources The case which initially began in December 2020 propelled XRP to get delisted from prominent crypto exchanges The crypto investors are hoping that both parties may soon reach a favorable consensus and put an end to the year-long lawsuit. The cryptocurrency market is ablaze with speculations highlighting that the SEC- Ripple case...

Mar 12 2022

Ripple vs SEC: Judge Allows ‘Fair Notice’ Defense on XRP to Continue

Quick take: Judge Analisa Torres will allow Ripple to use its 'fair notice' defense in the ongoing lawsuit by the SEC The 'fair notice' defense by Ripple is hinged on the fact that a trading platform had sort guidance from the SEC on whether XRP was a security before listing the digital asset The SEC did not provide guidance on this and had...

Feb 07 2022

SEC vs Ripple: What’s Up For XRP? Crypto Lawyer Predicts SEC’s Next Move

In the recent turns of events, District Judge Analisa Torres unsealed three sets of documents in the...

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