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Oct 18 2021

Crypto Basics – What is XRP? Should you Buy Ripple in 2021?

Oct 18 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  altcoin crypto education ripple ripple price

Whenever we hear about the XRP token, we often associate it with Ripple. You might be asking now: What’s the difference between the two? Well, there's a big difference that should be known to investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In this article, we're going to go back to the basics, talk about what XRP and Ripple are, and if investing in XRP is a...

Oct 11 2021

XRP Price Prediction – Can XRP reach 2$ before 2022?

In a repeated scenario, XRP shot as high as 10% in 1 week after lagging for a while. Compared to the cryptocurrency market, XRP was considered undervalued when the entire crypto market already recovered from the...

Sep 26 2021

XRP Price Prediction – Here’s how to Manage your XRP Positions TODAY

The cryptocurrency market suffered a lot this past week. When China announced its strict cryptocurrency ban, the entire crypto market became in the red. Traders started panic selling, driving prices even lower than expected. For XRP's case, things were very...

Sep 20 2021

XRP Price Prediction – Prices fell below 1$, will they go even Lower?

Today, XRP prices fell below 1$ for the second time in the past 2 weeks. This comes at a time where the overall cryptocurrency market...

Jul 06 2021

Renewed HOPE? Buy Ripple XRP while you still Can!

Despite the recent cryptocurrency market crash, investors are still looking for opportunities to buy undervalued cryptos. This investment is definitely a long-term option, but the returns are expected to be massive. For Ripple company, this is exactly the case. From an SEC lawsuit that hit the core of the company, to the crypto market crash that erased more than 70% of the...

Jun 06 2021

XRP Price Prediction – Will this Token BOOM Back to 2$?

It is no secret that Ripple company is still battling its lawsuit with the SEC. When good news surfaced about how this company had an edge in the battle, XRP prices skyrocketed. This...

Apr 12 2021

Top 3 Reasons why the XRP Token might Reach $3 Again

The XRP has been a highly controversial token. The cryptocurrency community is split between the ones who back the project, and the ones who bash it. The main topic that is doing much of the divide is the centralization dilemma. Disregarding...

Jan 23 2021

What Lawsuit? XRP Price showing Strength! Jump on Board?

Ever since the lawsuit back in December 2020, XRP prices fell from their high of USD 0.75 all the way back to their initial consolidated price of USD 0.17 as investors feared what the future holds for Ripple company. What happened to the price of XRP and how is the price reacting to cryptocurrency market news?...

Dec 22 2020

XRP price in BIG TROUBLE – Will the SEC Lawsuit affect the XRP moon?

For many, XRP reaching its high of USD 0.78 wasn't the big awaited milestone. Ripple's "20K event" was a break of the psychological price of USD 1. Unfortunately, many bad fundamentals came to play, in conjunction with...

Nov 24 2020

Ripple soars 140% this month – 3 reasons why XRP is mooning

Nov 24 2020 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  crypto ripple ripple price tradingview xrp

After a month of lagging behind the cryptocurrency market, Ripple finally exited its consolidation period and started its strong uptrend. People were speculating about the reasons why XRP failed to jump-start the year like all other cryptos, but since November 2020, XRP is...

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