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May 26 2022

Avalanche’s new proposal wants ApeCoin on its subnet

May 26 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  altcoins apecoin avalanche bored ape daos

Avalanche is seeking to be the new home for ApeCoin DAO’s APE token and its Otherside metaverse project, according to a proposal submitted by the...

May 25 2022

Avalanche Submits AIP to ApeCoin DAO to Launch Otherside as a Subnet on its Blockchain

Summary: Avalanche has submitted an Apecoin Improvement Proposal to the Apecoin DAO to migrate the Otherside metaverse as a subnet on its blockchain. The team at Avalanche points out that the AVAX chain has 'rapid transaction processing, higher throughput, greater ability to scale and lower gas fees.' Apecoin subnet will have its own customizable Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) execution environment. The proposal has...

May 23 2022

What Is The Yuga Labs Metaverse? Enter The Interconnected Ecosystem!

May 23 2022 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  bayc blockchain companies crypto defi mayc

The explosion of the Non-fungible token (NFT) space in 2020 was remarkable, as the market remains dominant in the ecosystem. Before NFTs, creators could not build utilities around their collections or projects. This limitation saw the implosion of project developers, who saw the need for an NFT market for creators and audiences. One of such creators is Yuga...

May 17 2022

Yuga Labs, Apecoin DAO Reportedly Considering Offers to Migrate APE Off Ethereum and Possibly Onto Avalanche or Flow

Summary: Yuga Labs and the Apecoin DAO board members are reportedly listening to offers on migrating ApeCoin off Ethereum. Avalanche and Flow are allegedly negotiating for Apecoin to migrate to their chains. Neither Yuga Labs nor the Apecoin DAO has confirmed the potential migration to Avalanche or Flow. The Bored Ape Yacht Club Otherdeed NFT mint 'broke' Ethereum on April 30th, causing high...

May 11 2022

CryptoPunk NFT purchased for over $1M sells for less than $140K

May 11 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  cryptopunk nft nfts yuga labs

The investor who bought CryptoPunk #273 for more than $1 million less than seven months ago sold the NFT for $139,530 — at a massive almost 80% loss. Out of the last 10 CryptoPunks that have been sold, eight were sold at a loss. CryptoPunk #273 was sold for a...

May 06 2022

Yuga Labs Otherside Sale, What Happened, and How Can You Prevent This?

May 06 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  metaverse nfts otherside yuga labs

There was a lot of commotion over the recent Otherside sale by Yuga Labs. The way it played out, the Ethereum network had problems handling the sales. As a result, gas fees went through the roof. Not everybody was happy with the way Yuga Labs handled this Otherside sale. Let's look into what happened. And most importantly, how to prevent this. Let's take...

Should Yuga Labs Have Charged More For Its Otherside NFTs?

Eric Golden, the owner of BAYC #7560 and host of Web3 Breakdowns, discusses the Otherdeed NFT drop that stalled Ethereum and burned over $150 million worth of ether. Show topics: what the Otherdeed mint is Why Yuga Labs had buyers undergo a...

May 05 2022

Otherside virtual land value falls as interest recedes

May 05 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  ethereum nft nfts otherdeed otherside

Yuga Labs' Otherdeeds NFTs are already selling below the initial purchase price on OpenSea due to waning interest, Bloomberg News reported....

The Chopping Block: Did Andre Cronje Pull an Epic Crypto Rug Pull?

May 05 2022 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2022 bayc nft bored ape compound defi

Welcome to The Chopping Block! Crypto insiders Haseeb Qureshi, Tom Schmidt, Robert Leshner, and Tarun Chitra chop it up about the latest news in the digital asset industry. On this episode, Andre Cronje, the recently retired (sort of) DeFi developer, also joined the conversation. Show topics: why being doxxed led to Andre retiring...

May 04 2022

By The Numbers: Yuga Labs Breaks Ethereum, Gas Fees Set New ATH

May 04 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  eth ethereum ethereum fees eth fees ethusd

The Yuga Labs “Otherdeeds” mint on the Ethereum blockchain has set a new record for any NFT launch. Not only did it set the record in terms of revenue but it had also broken records previously set in terms of fees. It was the sole driver of the transaction fee surge on the network which reached a new ATH. In this report, we...

APE Slingshots To $17.60 Within Minutes After Elon Musk Twitter Profile Pic Change

May 04 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  ape apecoin bitcoin bored ape btc

APE just made a lot of noise, courtesy of another Elon Musk social media comment, which easily rouses the crypto market. Musk updated his Twitter profile photo on Wednesday to include various avatars from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection of non-fungible tokens. A few moments later, the project's digital token's price soared. APE spiked about 20% within minutes after Musk's profile picture...

Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Says ETH Gas Fees Should Cost Less Than $0.05

Vitalik Buterin says ETH gas fees below 5 cents are acceptable.

May 02 2022

Why Does Yuga Labs Want To Launch Its Own ‘Ethereum Killer’?

May 02 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  altcoins bayc eth ethereum ethereum killer

The recent Yuga Labs NFT launch on the Ethereum blockchain has crippled the network after demand surpassed all expectations. In total, more than $500 million had been raised in a matter of 24 hours. However, the success of the launch cannot obfuscate the roadblocks that the launch encountered. This had prompted Yuga Labs to not only issue...

Yuga Labs’ Otherside Metaverse NFT Mint Broke Ethereum and Other Records, Here is a Recap of What Happened

Quick take: The Otherside Metaverse NFT mint spearheaded by Yuga Labs is thus far the largest in blockchain history 55,000 Otherdeeds NFTs were sold for a flat rate of 305 Apeocin, raising $320 million using an APE value of around $19 The mint congested the Ethereum network raising network fees to as high as 8,000 Gwei Some users paid as much as $7k...

Yuga Labs Botches NFT Drop With Bad Code, Blames Ethereum

May 02 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  news otherdeeds otherside yuga labs

Bored Ape Yacht Club creator Yuga Labs has faced backlash after its highly- anticipated Otherdeeds drop. Huge demand for the NFTs resulted in exorbitant gas fees leaving many hopeful minters out...

Bored Ape Metaverse Project Raises $320 Million, Majorly Disrupts the Ethereum Network

Yuga Labs, the creator of the popular Bored Apes Yacht Club collection of NFTs, is calling the shots with its new Metaverse project. The company recently concluded the sale of virtual land raising a staggering $320 million in its largest offering to date. The demand for the sale was so high that it disrupted the...

May 01 2022

Ethereum Miners Made $87.66M in One Hour During Yuga Lab’s Land Mint on the Otherside Metaverse

Summary: Ethereum miners made $87.664 million in a single hour during the Otherside Metaverse NFT mint, a possible all-time high During the same time period, Ethereum users paid a median fee of $4,830 per transaction Almost 64k Ethereum ($176.66 million) in transaction fees was used during the Otherside Metaverse mint of 55k Otherdeed NFTs Ethereum continues to trade below $2,800 despite the exciting...

Yuga Labs Proposes that Apecoin Build its Own Chain, After Otherside Mint Slows Down the Ethereum Network

Summary: Yuga Labs has proposed that Apecoin build its own chain This is after the Otherside Metaverse mint caused congestion on the Ethereum network The public sale of 55k Otherdeed NFTs was sold out with more than $300 million raised Roughly 64k Ethereum was consumed in transaction fees during the mint Yuga Labs, the creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project,...

Apr 30 2022

Apecoin (APE) Continues to Break Records, Funding Rate Hits Lowest Limit of -0.75%, Futures Open Interest hits $677M

Summary: Apecoin (APE) continues to break records in the crypto markets The funding rate of Apecoin perpetual contracts has reached the maximum lower limit of -0.75% Open interest on Apecoin futures contracts has reached $677 million Apecoin is the second-most liquidated asset in the last 24 hours The increased trade volume surrounding Apecoin (APE) is due to the launch of the Otherside Metaverse...

Apr 29 2022

ApeCoin reaches new high as Otherside launch looms

Apr 29 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  altcoins apecoin bored ape metaverse nfts

ApeCoin price continues to soar to new highs despite the generally mixed performance of the overall crypto market. The Bored Ape affiliated token reached a new all-time high of over $26.7 on April 28 on the back of the announcement...

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