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Mar 23 2021

Chainlink Team Has Dumped 34M+ LINK on Binance – Zeus Capital

Summary: Zeus Capital has continued to rattle the Chainlink project, constantly insinuating it is a scam The latest accusation is that the Chainlink team has been dumping LINK on Binance since last summer Zeus Capital highlights a Chainlink address holding 90k LINK and claims it once had 34.5 million tokens According to Zeus, the address sold 1M LINK per month and soon graduated...

Dec 23 2020

Chainlink (LINK) Will Face the SEC Next After Ripple – Zeus Capital

Quick take: Zeus Capital believes that the SEC will go after Chainlink and its founder next Zeus Capital also questions Chainlink's numerous partnerships and suggests that the project is a direct beneficiary of the Flash loan phenomenon in DeFi Zeus Capital has a running $100k rewards program for information on Chainlink's questionable practices The team at Zeus Capital has used the ongoing SEC...

Nov 18 2020

ChainLink Will Eventually Be Classified as a Security – Zeus Capital

Quick take: Zeus Capital has once again targetted the ChainLink project claiming the team carried out an unregistered securities offering They claim the founders of ChainLink promised investors that the value of LINK was going to go 'vertical' Additionally, ChainLink founders control much of the ecosystem as is usually the case with a security The team at Zeus Capital has ramped up their...

Nov 12 2020

Zeus Capital Offers $100k For Info on ChainLink’s ‘Illicit Practices’

In brief: Zeus Capital has launched a rewards program seeking information on ChainLink's 'manipulative and illicit practices' The reward has been capped at $100k for sufficient information Zeus Capital is preparing a class action suit against ChainLink They claim the project has been spreading misleading information and manipulating the price of LINK The team at Zeus Capital has launched a rewards program for...

Oct 31 2020

ChainLink’s Top 100 Whales Continue Accumulating LINK Offline

Quick take: 2020 has seen the top 100 ChainLink whales continue to accumulate LINK offline This hints of increased confidence in the future price of LINK Zeus Capital still maintains ChainLink is vaporware ChainLink is once again above $11 and could have a hard time recapturing $12 amidst a very bullish Bitcoin 2020 has been a year of accumulating LINK for the top...

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